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We all have different hobbies in life but my absolute favorite thing to do is pick up a book. This blog is dedicated to all of my ramblings. 

Dawn's 2013-books book montage

Deadly Desire
Mark of the Demon
The Hour of Dust and Ashes
Fate's Edge
Changeling Moon
A Kingdom of Dreams
Kiss of Pride
Thief of Shadows
Grave Memory
Archangel's Storm
The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
A Kiss Before the Apocalypse
Frost Burned
Touch of the Demon
Summoning the Night
The End of the Affair
A Blood Seduction
A Werewolf in Manhattan
Last Kiss Goodnight
The Chief

Dawn's favorite books ยป
Grave Memory - Kalayna Price Alex is trying to manage the fallout of the past few books. Part of that includes opening a PI Agency with Rhianna. Where she gets her first case and discovers a string or random suicides are not so random. The mystery was really good this time, a suicide that may or may not be a suicide where even the victim has no recollection of what happens.

For a good majority of this book I found myself feeling really empathetic for Alex it seems like she is so alone. Her father is a jerk who could probably provide more answers then he chooses to (which begs the question why??) Alex feels like she has lost her best friend Death as they are forced to stay apart. Then there is the thing with the Winter Queen which really makes no sense to me...you want her in your court so you use the one thing likely to bring her into your court as a tool against her AND you harass her landlord so she will choose you? See hokey actions make no sense.

Moving on the to the relationships I am not sure why she was so estranged from the her girlfriends Holly and Tamara, I hope the return to their original bonds. I also had a ton of questions about why the barghest, Desmond I think, hates Alex?? As for the romantic relationships Falin this is like the never ending story that will not conclude and oh boy I wish it would!As usual he is stony faced as ever and a user. I am not sure why Alex continues to pine away after him. Now Death, there is no question Death has always been Alex's confidant so it was awesome to see Alex as Death's confidant. I wonder what the mender really thinks of their relationship??

My challenge with this book is really all about Alex's inability to choose things. She cannot choose a court, she cannot choose a relationship. At the end of the book it felt like she as a character had not made any progress in making a choice and what is worse is that she seems to have no desire into researching what makes sense for her.

Looking forward to the next book and here is to hoping we get some more insight into dear old dad and the love triangle will come to and end.