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We all have different hobbies in life but my absolute favorite thing to do is pick up a book. This blog is dedicated to all of my ramblings. 

Dawn's 2013-books book montage

Deadly Desire
Mark of the Demon
The Hour of Dust and Ashes
Fate's Edge
Changeling Moon
A Kingdom of Dreams
Kiss of Pride
Thief of Shadows
Grave Memory
Archangel's Storm
The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
A Kiss Before the Apocalypse
Frost Burned
Touch of the Demon
Summoning the Night
The End of the Affair
A Blood Seduction
A Werewolf in Manhattan
Last Kiss Goodnight
The Chief

Dawn's favorite books ยป
The Dragon Keeper - Robin Hobb Dragon Keeper is the beginning of a new series which apparently is based on the Realms of the Elderlings series and that begins with [b:Assassin's Apprentice|45107|Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy, #1)|Robin Hobb|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320339497s/45107.jpg|171715]. The story is told from multiple points of view. Very generally speaking it is about a group of dragons who are expected to be the last of the dragons and everyone is excited about their return to the world. BUT instead of this celestial being they are deformed and dependent on humans. Five years later the animosity is building and the dragons resent the humans as the humans resent the dragons. The people people of Rain Wild have decided the dragons must go and hopefully they will find the legendary city of Kelsingra and if not oh well. To support the dragons the city has asked for the misfits to accompany the dragons and if they do not return well who would miss them?

I think Robin Hobb is a fantastic writer I really enjoyed how the stories are weaved together and there are a great deal of parallels. It is not just the dragons who are deformed but the people and the water. Even the way people treat each other is antagonistic. It was also interesting to see how complex the plots are and the depth and at times lack their of the characters are in their relationships with the each other, dragons and the land.

Having said all of the that the first few chapters were dreadfully slow. I think if you are to read the Realms of the Elderling series, which is actually three series Farseer Trilogy, Liveship Traders, and Tawny Man you will have a much richer experience than I did. The other thing about this book they seemed odd is that the book just ended. I felt like it was just getting started and boom over, even now I do not feel like we have reached the climax of the story.