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We all have different hobbies in life but my absolute favorite thing to do is pick up a book. This blog is dedicated to all of my ramblings. 

Dawn's 2013-books book montage

Deadly Desire
Mark of the Demon
The Hour of Dust and Ashes
Fate's Edge
Changeling Moon
A Kingdom of Dreams
Kiss of Pride
Thief of Shadows
Grave Memory
Archangel's Storm
The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
A Kiss Before the Apocalypse
Frost Burned
Touch of the Demon
Summoning the Night
The End of the Affair
A Blood Seduction
A Werewolf in Manhattan
Last Kiss Goodnight
The Chief

Dawn's favorite books ยป
Street Magic - Caitlin Kittredge I really wanted to like this book. In the end it was just ok and I had to force myself to finish it.

I had two major issues and that is Pete and Jack I could not really figure out why I should care or rather why they are working together. It is one thing to have a childhood crush but really why the verbal abuse as adults? It is supposed to be banter but personally it felt like torture. Furthermore Jack is a junkie who is for the most part clean in about 24 hours...really? Come on and then his actions just seemed like he as a angry man who used drugs as an excuse to be bitter.

That aside I hated the "British English" I am American and I have only been to London a few times but I have never heard slang used like that before. It was very distracting. By the time I got to the end I just did not care. Sadly I got book one and two together, not sure if I should torture myself and see if the second is better than the first or if I should just cut my losses.