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We all have different hobbies in life but my absolute favorite thing to do is pick up a book. This blog is dedicated to all of my ramblings. 

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Deadly Desire
Mark of the Demon
The Hour of Dust and Ashes
Fate's Edge
Changeling Moon
A Kingdom of Dreams
Kiss of Pride
Thief of Shadows
Grave Memory
Archangel's Storm
The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
A Kiss Before the Apocalypse
Frost Burned
Touch of the Demon
Summoning the Night
The End of the Affair
A Blood Seduction
A Werewolf in Manhattan
Last Kiss Goodnight
The Chief

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Review for Lawe's Justice

Lawe's Justice - Lora Leigh

Lawe’s Justice is the 25/26th  book in the Breeds series by Lora Leigh. Lawe and Diane know they are mates but for whatever reason Lawe has left her alone for the past 18 months in part because he does not want a mate or rather be vulnerable because of a mate but also in part because Diane needs to come to terms with having a Breed as a mate. Meanwhile Diane knows he cares for her but she does not want nor need Lawe’s influence or protection. Things have come to a head because a rogue Breed, Gideon has become a serial killer who Lawe is hunting but Diane is searching for the same three people Gideon is – but Gideon plays games like Jonas and he is using Diane to lead him where he needs to go. Also Diane has a traitor on her team. Now Lawe and Diane need to deal with the mating issue between them and find Gideon and the three missing people.


Off the back I will tell you I dislike Diane, I did not like her before and this book has not warmed me to her. She whined the entire book about how she needs her independence and Lawe will kill that part of her if he puts her in a box. Thus continuing with the theme of old fashioned man meets liberated women. What annoyed me the most is that Lawe actually has some decent arguments, mainly that she can be used as bait for Jonas or Amber or even him in addition he has been protecting Diane since she was badly injured 18 months ago. To me there is independence and then there is stupid Diane borders on stupid. Together they are silly and thickheaded which gives us about 200 pages of nonsense.


My favorite part of the book was actually Gideon – is he a good guy or a bad guy? What is he really after. He kind of reminded me of V from V for Vendetta the way he was taking out individual revenge. I was rooting for him! It was also good to see Dog and Loki I like them.